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What are exactly intensive lessons? Intensive lessons is a way that many learners want to get on with, so that can learn to drive at the shortest period of time. This can sometimes be between two and five hours of daily lessons, and usually one to two weeks. A crash intensive course with 1st Learn to Drive driving school should be booked a few weeks in advance (depending on availability). You can pass your driving test in a week or two if you can take the pressure and if you are are willing to learn fast. When an intensive course is booked with us, we normally ask learners to book the driving test immediately (if they have not already done so). 

Specialists for intensive courses

Is it worthy?

Everyone learns differently, so whether an intensive course works for you depends on how quick you learn - some people thrive in intensive learning conditions, while others do better when they take a more measured approach

To help you decide whether an intensive course is right for you, you should consider the following:

Benefits of intensive driving lessons

-You can learn to drive and pass your exam in a matter of weeks;
-It could save you money in the long run if you pass the first time;
-Good if you need to pass your exam quickly;
-Some schools run fast-track driving tests so you can get a test appointment faster;

-Focused, intensive course instructions that contents all the information you need into a short period of time so that you remember it fresh.

We will make sure that:
- A fully qualified driving instructor takes care of you and your skill needs;
- Takes care to arrange suitable times for your intensive lessons;
- Pick up from anywhere and finish your lesson where you prefer (subject to reasonable distance)

- Have the same car you practiced with for your driving test.

Intensive course

AUTOMATIC intensive driving lessons:

£450.00 for 10 hours driving lessons;
£900.00 for 20 hours driving lessons

Use of car (existing clients only) for the normal Driving Test (includes 1 hour driving lesson before test and return home) £120.00
Car hire for an extended driving test (including a one hour pre-test lesson and return journey) for £160.00