Get automatic driving lessons

One of the largest factors that delays learner drivers from taking those first steps and getting driving lessons to begin with is the thought of stalling the car in busy traffic. This can feel especially scary if you’re learning to drive in big towns with lots of traffic, or in an area that requires lots of stopping and starting on hills. Automatic lessons is the solution.

Automatic lessons gear shift

If you don’t need to learn how to drive manual, then learning to drive in an automatic car can simplify your learning experience and make for a smoother and more enjoyable time. The main advantage of taking automatic lessons is how much simpler the experience. It is right from the moment you get in the car, including the process of actually starting your car up. Automatic cars don’t require as much coordination as driving a manual, since you’re not trying to divide your attention between external things like traffic and hazards, and internal things such as engine sounds, clutch and gear shift timings, or even successfully getting the stick into the correct gear.

Learn comfortably with automatic car

Automatic lessons

If you just want to learn in the most comfortable setting, or if you’re just not sure you’ll ever use a manual car in the future and don’t think it’s necessary, then getting automatic driving lessons is a good way to help you gain the confidence and experience you need on the road. There’s nothing stopping you coming back to it later on if you really want to learn to drive manual, and you can always bridge that skill gap when you’ve got a good base of confidence to build from. The guidance of upgrading from automatic to manual is to be found here. Down are the prices for automatic lessons. Beginners please refer to TRIAL LESSONS first.

Pay as you go :
£30.00 for a hour of driving lesson
£ 45.0 for a hour and half
£ 60.00 for two hours.

Block bookings :
£ 280.00 for 10 hours of driving lessons
£ 550.00 for 20 hours of driving lessons.

Car hire for normal driving test (includes one hour tuition before driving test and drop home) at £ 70.00
Car hire for extended driving test (includes one hour tuition before driving test and drop home) at £100.00